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Our Story

Firstly, a very warm welcome to our website. Founded in 2019, it was our focus to build a community that brings together like minded gamers from around the globe who share our love and passion for role play.

We don't just provide GTA servers for our members to enjoy - though important that is! We provide an environment for our members to thrive and develop, forge new friendships, create lasting memories with each other and become part of our story.

Start Your Journey

Whether you are a new GTA role player or a gaming veteran with thousands of hours, we have a place for you. We understand that choosing to become part of a new community is no easy decision. So, let us help you!

If you love role play like we do and want to be considered more than just a number on a server, whilst being supported by a friendly and professional staff team who are committed to your community aspirations, you’ve come to the right place. What are you waiting for? Start your journey today.

Our Features

Custom Framework

Our completely custom framework is at the forefront of GTA V online and boasts many exciting and unique features, systems and interactions for you to enjoy.

Voice Communication

Text is a thing of the past. We embrace voice communication over typing so that you can become fully immersed in your character and seemless roleplay.

Departments & Careers

Los Santos is the land of opportunity where a new career is just around the corner. Find your way of making money with the many jobs available or take your oath and swear to protect the citizens as a member of the LSPD.

Property & Business System

Owning your own property or business is everyone's dream - from trailers to mansions we have it all. If you cannot afford to buy then just rent of another citizen. Whilst your at it why not manage your own business, legal or illegal, we all need money!

Getting Started

Joining our server couldn't be easier...

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Download RageMP

In order to connect and play on our server you must download the RageMP client.

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Connect to the server

Once the client is installed, go to the servers tab and search up "GTALife".

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Create a character

After creating your account and passing the quiz, you'll be able to create a character.



Build and forge new friendships or groups with our many members who connect daily to our Discord.



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