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  • Our Purpose

    Firstly, a very warm welcome to our website. Founded in 2019, it was our focus to build a community that brings together like minded gamers from around the globe who share our love and passion for role play.

    We don't just provide GTA servers for our members to enjoy - though important that is! We provide an environment for our members to thrive and develop, forge new friendships, create lasting memories with each other and become part of our story.

    With an extensive range of features, a high standard of role play and an experienced management team, our members are proud to call us home.
  • Our Promise

    We promise to provide a fun, enjoyable and lasting role play experience during your time with us as a member. In order to achieve this, we will:

    • Act according to our community values at all times.
    • Continue to host and invest in fast and reliable infrastructure.
    • Frequently maintain and update our community website.
    • Provide an active and committed staff team that shares our passion for role play.
    • Support you in achieving your ambitions with us.
    • Encourage your participation and involvement in decisions that affect you.
    • Remove or ban any players whose actions or behaviour negatively impact your experience.