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  3. 1. A donation is a voluntary contribution and cannot be refunded. 2. Any attempt to refund a donation will result in your membership being suspended until the dispute is resolved. 3. Donation rewards are limited to your account and cannot be transferred to another member.
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  10. 1. A decision made by a staff member is final. 2. In order to contact staff the support text or voice channels on Discord must be used or a private message sent on the website. 3. All staff are governed and bound by the same rules as members. 4. Staff may not spawn in money, teleport or otherwise use their position to gain personal advantage in game. (Under certain circumstances, i.e. to create a community wide event or to issue compensation, this would be acceptable.) 5. The definition ‘valid role play reason’ will be determined by the staff member’s judgement and interpretation of the rules. 6. All compensation requests will be decided by a Moderators. 7. The Membership Manager or members of The Board reserve the right to permanently remove your membership and prevent you from rejoining the community.
  11. 1. Members are limited to creating one forum account. Having multiple accounts will result in all of them being blocked. 2. When on the forums everyone's post, content and comments must be treated with respect. 3. Avatars and cover photo must be appropriate and not contain unsuitable or inappropriate of offensive content.
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    1. Our invitation link grants access to existing and prospective members to join our Discord server. Only staff members, unless receiving prior consent, are permitted to share this link. 2. Upon a member leaving or being removed from the community their access to discord will be revoked. 3. The friend tag is restricted and given out at the sole discretion of The Board. 4. Only one support request, relating to the same issue, is to be submitted to the Support Bot. 5. Screen sharing is only permitted to private channels.
  13. We are a community that champions and thrive on our members being able to freely express themselves and their thoughts and as such will attempt to place as few restrictions on this as possible. As an adult community some members may discuss or participate in honest or controversial conversations but we will make no attempt to intervene should this not violate our rules. If you do not like the subject of conversation or the views being expressed by certain members then it is your responsibility to leave the channel and remove yourself from the situation. These freedoms help generate ideas and creativity that would otherwise be suppressed and as an online community we believe they are imperative to our success.
  14. As a member of our community you gain access to all our of servers and the opportunity to participate in all activities, therefore you are expected to adhere to the rules and guidelines outlined on this page. Operating a membership only community enables us to allow and attract gamers who share our community values and role play expectations. In the unfortunate event that you violate any of our rules, the staff team reserve the right to suspend your access or remove your membership. If you membership is ever removed you may be blacklisted, preventing you from ever rejoining our community.
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    Breaching one of the rules below will result in your membership being removed: 1. Displaying any forms of threatening, abusive or disruptive behaviour. 2. Promoting, advertising or recruiting for or on behalf of other communities including: promoting other GTA servers; voice servers or websites. 3. Posting pornographic content or material deemed offensive. 4. Sharing or distributing another member’s personal information including: real names; address; social media accounts; contact details or private pictures without their prior consent. 5. Attempting to or impersonating another member of the community. 6. Using offensive or inappropriate names on our servers or website.
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