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05/06/2019 - Staff Meeting

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Meeting Date: 05/06/2019
Meeting Time: 19:00
Meeting Type: Community Staff
Meeting Chair: @Viper




  • Recruitment drive for staff across forums and suitable areas.
  • Low activity over the past few weeks - needs to improve as we approach launch!
  • Starting to build up the departments and look for leadership for them as part of recruitment drive.
  • Discussed whether staff should be able to lead department or what rank restrictions should be implemented. 
    • Mixed feelings, some agree with workload being too much in addition to staff role. Others think if they can manage it then why not.
    • Poll created to gather staff feedback - 


  • Documents will need to be created for guides on factions.
  • @Marshall - マーシャル spoke of the website down time errors and confirmed security patch was released by host provider to fix it.
  • Website is mostly complete except a few small bits of content.
  • Ensure all staff have synced up their Discord profiles - imperative to being able to use discord successfully and required by all members to play on server and access Discord.
  • Server content being worked on but should be done soon for release.
  • Bug reporting tracker fully set up and working. To be used when testing development features and when community is live.
  • All staff members must install GTAV and FiveM and make sure it is working. Any problems contact @Marshall - マーシャル
  • Website bio's on staff page need completing ASAP.
  • All staff were asked to browse the website thoroughly to check they had the correct permissions and if access is needed to a certain area or feature to contact a Director and Website Manager.
  • Moderator role guide was useful - All staff roles to be created.
  • Created suspension procedure guide. to be completed and clarification needed on integration to do this.
  • Create forum thread for skins suggestions on our emergency vehicles. Share on the thread.
  • Specific role of Director was asked, the role profiles are on the forums so the responsibilities of each staff role are visible to the entire team.
  • Ticket feature for support, great way for everybody to get involved. Any Discord queries, concerns or ideas to be directed to @Adam
    • Membership category at bottom of discord are to be ignored. If discord integration fails that is back up


  • No concerns raised.

Additional Information:

  • Next Staff Meeting - 03/07/2019
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